You teach people how to treat you.

If you’re always being treated like crap, over and over and over again. Or if you feel as if nobody respects you or listens to a word you say, it’s time to look in the mirror and take responsibility and change.

Here’s what’ll happen.

Once you change, people are going to choose a side. You’re going to feel hurt. Confused. Maybe even guilty. But alas there is a silver lining here! Those who chose to walk away were never your true friends. Those who stick around to change with you, are your true friends because they’re showing they’ll walk through these hard times with you, “because” they want what is best for you!

In essence, you’ll be purging out assholes or people who only want to take from you. GOOD! They were not truly making you happy anyway. Now you have a circle of loyal, trusted friends and family. Your foundation is starting to rebuild strong.

Ok, so I jumped head-first into this! I get you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Where the hell are you coming from now, Lisa?” and I’m happy to tell you.

For many years I “invested” my heart and time into people. Some more than others, but I committed to being loyal, funny and aggravating to some when I had my “time-outs” (I wasn’t comfortable in my skin this way, and it was tiring to be that person) in life for a few months at a time for some “alone” time. I had to rejuvenate. It’s not easy trying to please everyone, and this is also a co-dependent behavior. What I mean by that is their “happy dance” reaction to my nurturing, loyal or funny ways was a reassurance to me that I was a worthy person.

STOP! Sorry, but too much work when I can hug me and reassure me at any time. My God, I’m a late bloomer.

This life belief drastically sucked me dry being a people-pleaser and gave the impression to others I could be easily walked over and not be taken seriously. I knew I was more than what they perceived, and I am proving daily I am! PLUS I can focus on seeing things through now with my business, raising my child, keeping my promises to my loyal and true friends, continuous growth without criticisms or whispers behind my back from the bloodsuckers in life.

Here’s the short and skinny. If you act like a doormat, people are going to wipe the mud from their shoes off on you! If you draw lines in the sand, create healthy boundaries and stand up for your beliefs … you’re showing yourself respect and telling the world you will accept nothing less from them either. It’s that simple.

You have a lot more power than you think. If you’re the doormat type, you have taught others to see you that way. Take that same energy and teach them to respect your presence.

I’m telling you, there is a lot more in the world going on right now that hurts and in reality, are very tragic. Do you need to be part of the victim mentality when you have a choice because some of the folks out there don’t have a that comparative once they are preyed upon?

Look at the shootings. Those families didn’t ask for grief, but they got it. Look at the little children with Cancer who are suffering and may only live a few more months. They didn’t ask for that grief nor did her Mother or Father.

There are some “real” issues going on outside of you. By being true to you, you’re actually improving the world! If you want to please people, do it by being true to you first the rest will follow naturally.

You have a choice to turn yourself around and teach others you’ll be respected so you can then turn around and live your life to the fullest!

There are always going to be idiots around you. Bad news. People are pulling out in front of you and ticking you off. People are talking behind your back. It is just the facts. But what you do with it, is up to you and to cater to those people is the LAST thing you should be doing to fill whatever void you have.

Bottom line is it’s time to live for you and those that truly want to see you succeed. It’s time to look in that mirror and recognize the beauty and qualities you have and get into yourself more! It’s ok to let go and pat yourself on the back!

Life’s too short to rely on others to make you happy. Do it for you and the right people and the right life will follow.

Oh and try acupuncture too! That shit is the bomb!

Thank you to Kristen Wiig for letting me swipe her pics off Google Images to help tell my face-palm but successful outcome of a story! 🤦‍💪

Lisa Alexander

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