Full Instagram Audit Success!

Follow @FitBusyNurse on Instagram to watch her progress! I’m so proud of her and she already had a lot of this in the bag already! She’s a go-getter for sure!

Instagram Audits are so much fun! The best part is watching the results implemented and make that difference.

Anna and I doubled her engagement rate after she implemented just one suggestion taken away from her Instagram Audit I did for her.

Just by using the correct and custom hashtags designed to draw in the “right” audience for her, she’s made huge progress!

Hashtags are the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your Instagram. It’s the main way (not the only) your audience will find you!

If you are choosing the correct hashtags, NOT just using Tag-O-Matic for the general popular, out of your reach, band-aid fix hashtags, you will see long-term results in not only likes but followers as well.

Tag-O-Matic and other Apps like that are alright to use for short-term fast results, but for authentic and long-short-term, but if you’re looking for big-picture, long-term loyal audience expectations, you need to put in the work and research the hashtags that are right for your audience. Anna took those I researched for her and as you can see, her Likes alone doubled from one post to the very next!

Until you become an Influencer, you should use this tactic in each post. Bring your audience to you and then engage with each of them.

If you visit Anna’s account, you’ll see how great she is at engaging with her audience and how authentic that engagement is, beyond just Likes.

Once her number of Followers jump and her product launches and becomes a blow-out success, which I know it will … she can no longer worry too much about 30 hashtag implementation.

She’ll be an Influencer!!!

Some of us aren’t so natural with engagement, but hashtags can only take your account so far. You need to still put in the work to attract more of your audience and supply them with high quality content, pics and education … not to mention fun!

For now … Hashtags will lift you!

To find out more about how to research the best hashtags for you, join my Facebook Group, Social Networking Advantage Group! If you’re a member, I’m happy to do a free audit for you too! These audits cost roughly 100 bucks! I’ll do’em free for my community though! Feel free to join us!

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