Capitalizing on Breaking News

From a content marketing perspective, trending topics and news can help you to attract an audience and gain attention for your product, brand and/or company. David Meerman Scott, author of Real Time Marketing and PR, coined the word, “newsjacking” for this process so that you can interject your company’s point of view into the news cycle.


To take advantage of trending news as part of your content marketing strategy, be careful not to jump in too quickly or you’re liable to get your facts all wrong. Or, worse, you may be viewed as taking advantage of news in an inappropriate way that can lead to a PR crisis. Rather, determine what’s actually happened and the impact it has on your readers. You want be viewed as timely and relevant not as a news vulture.  – Heidi Cohen of Riverside Marketing Strategies.

Niche, Newsworthy and New

Examiner’s (now closed) formula to writing newsworthy content for your blog, microblogging (Twttier for example) or Facebook Page.

  • Fresh: developing in the last 48 hours
  • Relevant to your niche topic
  • Provide a new spin on a popular newsworthy topic

It might seem greasy to piggyback on the latest news, but not if you choose your news wisely and MAKE SURE it will benefit your audience.

This is an old strategy, but often not talked about anymore.

How to Newsjack a Story Effectively

Capitalize on the most pertinent housing, mortgage, economic, and general business news — much of which comes out daily. The key is discovering what you enjoy writing about the most, what you’re most knowledgeable about, and what your audience wants to know about.

  • Search online for hot topics and trends for content ideas.
  • Follow the journalistic newswriting format. (The Lead, Body and Tail).
  • Use your social media presence to share your take on the news.

Remember: Choose a topic you deem the most relevant to your readers. Once you’ve got the subject selected, set up a structure for your post.

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