Facebook Jail and How to Avoid This

INTRO: Facebook Jail is a name we’ve just called it after you’re flagged for Spam. You get in there because your actions on Facebook are REPEATED, REDUNDANT AND NOT REAL! Facebook is smart and watches for copy/paste, drop and run, changes in your engagements … etc. and will in short say, “Whoa! Slow down kid! Your actions are raising red flags to us. So, here’s a chill pill!”

HOW LONG ARE YOU IN JAIL? This is entirely up to Facebook Terms of Service and their discretion. It typically only lasts a few hours if you’re a first offender. But can go days or even a week. Worst case, you’ll get shut down for a month possible!

SMALL BUSINESS INDUSTRY: We’re watched closer. When you post the “SAME THINGS” to multiple groups, PM’s, pages … etc. they view this as spam. And why would you want to do this anyway? Don’t drop and run! Be authentic. Be real! Be respectful. Find people in your six degrees of friends. PACE yourself!!! Be honest. Don’t add 15 new Friends in 15 minutes. It’s not “natural” actions, but spam actions.

Consistency is different than speed: Stay consistent in your efforts. The more reliable you become, and the steadier you are, you won’t get put in the Facebook slammer!

IN OUR SNAG GROUP: We are a niche community. Our niche is Social Media Networking in Small Businesses. We are a tough group to keep out of jail! We’re always being watched by BIG BROTHER MARK ZUCKERBERG! Hey … this is his baby, so if I were him I’d watch is too.

What we do can get repetitive. But you have control over that by being authentic in your responses and actions. We are real people, not bots, so don’t act like one. Our common theme here is truth, loyalty and integrity. To build a community of supportive like-minded people who will benefit from one another. If you’re looking for a drop and run group, this group is not for you.

If you’re flagged for spam, I Admin’s can see it on their end. The Admin and the poster have a choice to show that spam post if we’d like or report it as NOT spam.

BASIC BLUEPRINT: be authentic in your comments, replies and actions and don’t spam or copy/paste drop and run. Simple.

The short and skinny of all this is to just be YOU! Pace yourself. Have REAL conversations and engagements. And stay consistent in your participation. I’m telling you consistency is the KEY not only here but in everything you do to grow your business.

Lisa Alexander

I’m a Social Media Coach, and Manager, ready to help for those of you who respect inherent value and need a "person" to bridge the gap between the old ways of marketing and the social way! ☕::SNAG:: Social Networking Advantage Group Teaching and Helping Community for Social Media Growth 📷::FOLLOW ME ON IG:: CottonCandySocialMedia

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