Instagram tips you need to know and tools you should be using.

Instagram tips you need to know and tools you should be using.

First, #SNAGInstaTip is our Facebook Groups, Social Networking Advantage Group or SNAG, one of many hashtags we use to track our posts. I’ll continue to use them in my blog as much as I can as well.

What are the tips you need to know and the tools you should be using? Let me begin by giving credit to this newly learned knowledge to Trill Media, an Instagram Marketing and Growth company. I took a quick power course and I’d like to share my perspective on that. In short I got a lot out of it and am excited at the outcome of just some tips and tools they shared!

In addition to Trill Media, I’d like to give credit to Rocki Social Media Marketing and who I consider a friend in the industry, Rajsheda Richeson, who got me started on my up-climb in Instagram in the first place. Much love sista! XOXO

Ok, so let me set you up with a before pic and an after. Get ready! This is my Instagram Account! @CottonCandyStreetBlog

To your left or top (depending on how you’re viewing this), or the one labeled Blogger is my before screenshot Rajsheda sent me. The one to the right or below the first, labeled Coach is my after. What’s so fun is the growth duration started slightly before November 27th through today, December 8th. In less than two weeks, I grew 4,017 followers! Whoot! Yeah? Hellz yeah!!! And my profile looks a lot better too.

Here are the tips and tools that aided me in that HUGE growth spurt!

Per Rajsheda:

  • I changed my profile pic.
  • Added insight to my bio.
  • Added my call to action link.
  • Added a clear way to get a hold of me.

I will say if you want more of her tips, she’ll do an audit for you. Just hit her up on her Facebook Group, Instagram Monetization.

Per Trill Media:

  • I began to post up to six (6) times daily and no less than three (3). I tried to use more viral content. There was NO automation involved in this! And don’t do anything like that because Instagram will catch you and shut you down.
  • However I did use and still use the following tools to aid me.
    • Social Blade to watch the gain and loss of follows. (Desktop)
    • SM Audience to check hashtag performance. (Desktop)
    • to find the best times to post per day. (Desktop)
    • Buffer to set up scheduled push notifications to my iPhone (App)
  • Then I focus on GROWTH. I connected with some Influencers and gave something I could to them and asked for a favor in return. I kept those Influencers within my reach. Example; I didn’t ask for help blatantly from someone with 100k following. I kept it reasonable and reached out to ones with 5k to 10k. I promised reciprocated engagement if they did the same.
    • One even gave me a shout-out that did the HUGE boost! Why? My approach was on target. I offered this person a crazy deal that really didn’t give me much in return, but I was willing to do whatever it took. Instead of taking my offer, they just gave me a shout out! I’d been following them on a previous account as well as Vine (R.I.P. Vine ☠) for a long time and engaging with them anyway. So they were fairly familiar with me being a fan of them. This is HUGE guys! Don’t go begging or asking for a “give me give me give me please please please” from these guys. This relationship I built started mid-vine lifespan. I just happen to fall into the right place at the right time with this Influencer. But it pays to really build online friendships and relationships.
  • Now I’m working on working on getting into the Explorer Page for my niche. It’s going to be hard, but I’m working on it daily. I want to be in the top 9 somewhere. It’s going to take me getting really strong engagement in my niche using certain hashtags, but I’ll get there!
  • Back to Influencers; getting them to like and comment on my pics will automatically boost me into areas on Instagram where others will see my stuff they liked or commented on! = More traffic for me!

One of the main points Trill Media made was to connect with Influencers. Follow them and watch them and what they’re doing. I mean it’s working for them! Make sure they’re in your niche. Don’t just find some random Influencer and do what they do. It won’t work. My Influencers on my IG aren’t in my niche except one. But don’t think I am not spying on you big league players! I find you through Social Blade and check into you there! 。◕‿‿◕。

In less than two weeks, I grew 4,017 followers!

Lisa Alexander

I’m a Social Media Coach, and Manager, ready to help for those of you who respect inherent value and need a "person" to bridge the gap between the old ways of marketing and the social way! ☕::SNAG:: Social Networking Advantage Group Teaching and Helping Community for Social Media Growth 📷::FOLLOW ME ON IG:: CottonCandySocialMedia

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