Effort-free Exchange of Advice How to Push Through When Shit Hits the Fan in Your Life

“FUCK!” Thank you for your patience with me while I blew some steam off just then. If you’ve been in my shoes this past year, you’d understand why I dropped my intellect for a second to scream that out and trust me I did scream that out!

The takeaway from this post will give you actions steps on how to just push through the bullshit life throws at you, or that you asked for and kept moving forward with your business and building those dreams.


Quick backstory. I dumped some people from my life early 2017 as they shed NO value. In turn, I didn’t offer them much back either. It was time to shove them out. And after time has passed, I do wish them well in life. Then the last quarter of 2017 I had to relieve myself of someone I cared for dearly. This person and problem became mine and therefore stunted and then stopped my growth. In fact, I was moving backward. It hurt that this person wasn’t capable of seeing this destruction, but I did, and my choice was made, and my new chapter is just now beginning.


Heartache can stop you dead in your tracks. Loss of friends. Loved ones. Watching people lose themselves to negative lifestyles. Worry. Corruption. Injustice. Death. You hit a brick wall, and it knocked you down on your ass, and you feel you’re going to lay there in your mess forever permanently.


NOT TRUE, if …


… and as they say, “Get up and dust yourself off!” Don’t lay there in your shit-show aftermath.


Shit happens (another cliché but the truth) so get your back-brace on or whatever you need to support you (in my case family and good friends) and push through this. If you don’t have anyone to help you, YOU CAN do this ON YOUR OWN. Be your own best friend!


Take-away action plan:


  • No matter what, keep moving forward. Even if it’s just getting up and taking out the trash.
  • Baby-step it up each day. After the trash, take that shower stinky!
  • Clean your pad, so you’re not looking at clutter. Your head is cluttered enough.
  • Get back into your office and don’t be a zombie worker about it. Find something to get stoked.
  • Take your pain and implement that shit into your business. Use it as a tool to motivate you out of your funk.
  • Learn from your mistakes or others around you.
  • Now work your business according to your “business plan.” What I mean is treat this like you would when you go to a job. There are duties you are required to do each day in a job right? Well, there is to your business too. Don’t have a plan. Make one.


We all face hardships whether we bring those on ourselves or they just land in our lap. The key here is YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DWELL THERE! Cry it out. Punch a hole in the wall (only recommended if you know how to fix it and it’s not going to piss off your spouse, significant other or landlord) and pull your ass up by your bootstraps and get back to it.


You’ll still have moments of pain with a loss. Deal with it. Don’t fight it or control the feelings. Let it out and move on each day productively. If you don’t, you stop. Your life stops. Your business stops. All possibilities STOP.


You’re behind your driver’s wheel, so drive it to success and fuck those others who don’t believe in you. One day, if you keep moving forward and pushing through the bullshit, they’ll end up coming to you asking for a job.

Lisa Alexander

I’m a Social Media Coach, and Manager, ready to help for those of you who respect inherent value and need a "person" to bridge the gap between the old ways of marketing and the social way! ☕::SNAG:: Social Networking Advantage Group Teaching and Helping Community for Social Media Growth 📷::FOLLOW ME ON IG:: CottonCandySocialMedia

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