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Hey! Nice to see you on CottonCandyStreet!

  • I’ll tell you what you can do about putting together a better solution for your Social Media marketing.
  • How to create the perfect environment for your followers.
  • How to meet the demands of a challenging world of competitors.
  • Show you breakthrough Apps and Products that are amazingly revolutionary.
  • How you can turn your computer into a cash cow.
  • I’ll give you knowledgeable, friendly and honest service.
  • Show you how to impress your customers in a way they’ll never forget!

Your satisfaction will always come first with me. Why? What’s the catch Lisa? The why is because if you’re satisfied, then so am I! The catch? I’ve created a loyal relationship with you and you with me.

Ok, so let’s get away from the benefits list and who I am and that is; ಞI’m a Social Media Coach and Direct Sales Influential.

I primarily focus on the coaching aspect of my business, that is owned by IBO Labs, Inc. which I am the CEO.

My passion is to help others. To teach you about things I know and share new things with you that I learn! I get stoked pretty easily over new ways to build relationships and especially how to build ideas into money making businesses!

For this we can start out with my free eCourse.

“Free 7 Day Email Course That Will Take You Step-By-Step And Show How To Harness The Power Of Getting BIG Traffic Results To Your Business …”


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CottonCandyStreet.com, by CEO of IBO Labs, Inc. Lisa Alexander

ಞI’m a Social Media Coach, and Direct Sales Influential, ready to help for those of you who respect inherent value and need a “person” to bridge the gap between the old ways of marketing and the social way!

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