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  • I’ll tell you what you can do about putting together a better solution for your Social Media marketing.
  • How to create the perfect environment for your followers.
  • How to meet the demands of a challenging world of competitors.
  • Show you breakthrough Apps and Products that are amazingly revolutionary.
  • How you can turn your computer into a cash cow.
  • I’ll give you knowledgeable, friendly and honest service.
  • Show you how to impress your customers in a way they’ll never forget!

Your satisfaction will always come first with me. Why? What’s the catch Lisa? The why is because if you’re satisfied, then so am I! The catch? I’ve created a loyal relationship with you and you with me.

Ok, so let’s get away from the benefits list and who I am and that is; I’m a Social Media Coach and Manager.

I primarily focus on managing my client’s Social Media Platforms.

My passion is to help others. To teach you about things I know and share new things with you that I learn! I get stoked pretty easily over new ways to build relationships and especially how to build ideas into money making businesses.

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Hi, my name is Lisa Alexander, and I’m happy you decided to visit my website to get to know more about who I am and what I do. That said, my mission and purpose are to uplift others and better their lives and expand their knowledge and skill they need to expand their reach online. I strongly believe that your greatest self-comes from your ability to be self-aware. It’s easy to jump on that train in your head that derails you from your life’s mission and purpose. Part of mine is to help you stay on track and help you continue forward when life throws up walls to block you, and life will. If you want to take being an entrepreneur to help yourself and others, I have experience that can help you make that impact on the world.
Professional Social Media Manager & Social Media Management Services – My top priority is implementing the correct social media strategy for your business to help you accomplish your goals. As a full-time professional social media manager, I’ll be working on your business’s social media channels. I will be working closely with you and your team by setting up weekly calls to go over strategy & execution for different social media marketing campaigns. Whether you are trying to get more Twitter followers, maximizing your Facebook posts, or interacting with your fans on Pinterest, my social media management experience, and industry insights can help you get the most out of your social feeds. As your social media manager, I will post daily industry related content, interact and engage with your fans, resulting in more conversions for your company.
Come check out our Merch (merchandise)! We are building several digital products (free eBook’s and paid for eBook’s to help boost your online social media on different platforms) and tangible,s too! Shop Merch. eBooks are nonrefundable while our T-Shirt Shop has a 30-day return guarantee. Simply return your product within 30 days of receipt. Whether it doesn’t fit you, suit you, or it’s not what you expected – just send it back.
I am a proud Founding Member of Change.org – Change.org is a social enterprise and a certified B Corporation. B Corporations are held to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency set by B Lab, an independent certifying group. Change.org’s mission is to empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see, and we believe the best way to achieve that is by combining the vision of a non-profit with the flexibility and innovation of a technology startup. This approach allows them to keep their petition tools free and open for everyone.

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Cotton Candy Street, LLC by CEO of IBO Labs, Inc. Lisa Alexander AKA Lisa Wolfe

I’m a Social Media Coach, and Manager, ready to help for those of you who respect inherent value and need a “person” to bridge the gap between the old ways of marketing and the social way!

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